Thursday, September 2, 2010

59 Days to go!

Well I know its been awhile since I have written anything on here. What a busy last two months its been. In the beginning of July we found out that Chris was going to get Medically Retired from the Navy, meaning we get to keep our benefits, and we get money from them every month. We only had a week once our official orders came in to pack up our household goods, and move back to California. We did it, but it was a lot of work and doing it all took a lot out of us. We moved back to Apple Valley, and we have been going ever since, getting our lives in order, unpacking, setting Chris up to go back to school, switching our medical, and keeping up with doctor appointments. Time has flown by, and we are just trying to keep up right now. I am hoping it all settles down before we have the baby. 
The baby is doing really well, she's the right size, and the fluid is the right levels. In order to avoid the chance of infection the doctor removed my PICC line to prepare for delivery. PICC lines have a higher chance of contracting infection when used within a hospital setting. So I've been free of it for the last week, and so far so good. I don't feel dehydrated like I did before, so I hope that means everything will be smooth sailing from this point out. The baby is still way in my back, and she has not dropped yet, I'm hoping I make it to my c-section date of October 26th. No braxton contractions yet either thank goodness! I feel much better at this point than I did with Jonathan, I was having contractions every 10 minutes by now when I was preggos with him. She moves as much as she should, and she's not super in the womb hyper, she's always tucked up so I am thinking she's got more of her dad's personality. Jonathan was always showing off for us, and being crazy which is defiantly more how I am. We are super excited to meet her!
Jonathan is doing good, we are going to try a round of use the potty next week and see how he does. I hope to have him out of diapers by the time the new one is born, but I don't know if that's going to happen or not. He seems to HATE the idea of using the potty so getting him to use it has been a struggle.
I will be seeing most of you on the 12th of September, and I'm really looking forward to it. You all get to find out that day what we will be naming our little girl. Hope you all are doing great! Our love to you all.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's in a name?

We found out about a month ago we are having a girl. We were very happy, a girl is what we wanted. Now only 18 weeks until we see her face to face, and we don't have a name. lol Jonathan's name took us some time but in the end the answer was obvious, I wish this one was just as easy. We have a few idea's written down but nothing that has been "this is what her name should be" kind of moments. If any of you have any good idea's for a name, please, feel free to let us know!
Baby and I are doing alright, the fluid around her was low, but I'm on rest and the doctor upped my fluids so I hope that when I have my next ultrasound on July 12th the fluid levels look better. She is right on target as far as weight and everything else looks good. So yay!
Chris got his med board results back, they decided he was un-fit for duty, which means they are going to honorably medically separate him, but the VA made some mistakes in his percentage part of his rating so the lawyer had it re-send it back to the VA to get it straightened out. We hope we will be getting 40% retirement, disability, and medical for all of us. I will let you all know for sure what the results are when we know.
Jonathan is great.. not much to say here, he's happy, healthy, and loves to go up to strangers in grocery stores and say hello. lol He wants very much to see you all, and asks about most of you all the time, he also knows you all live "far far away" even though he has no idea why that means he cant see you. We hope to be back by Aug. be praying for that. Our love to you all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A few bumps in the road

As most of you know, I've been very sick for the last four months. Not pregnancy sick, but sick due to not being able to absorb enough fluids to supply for me and the baby. So I've been dealing with lots of headaches, dizziness, weakness, and having absolutely no energy. I couldnt clean my house, play with Jonathan or do anything outside of our house. I kept telling the doctor I needed IV fluids, but she kept thinking it was nutritional instead of hydration. So I would go to the ER once or twice a week for fluids, when I got to the point that I felt I was going to faint. In the meantime my OB doctor was running tests to see which one was the cause of my problems. We came to the conclusion that it really was a hydration issue, and about two weeks ago my needs seemed to move from 1-2 times a week, to feeling the need every other day. At this point I knew I needed to get her to order me fluids for every day. The only way that was possible was to do a PICC line, so I can give myself the fluids at home every day. So I went to see her last week, and she ordered the PICC line and my daily fluids. I went to the hospital to have the PICC line put in. The procedure is pretty simple, they make an incision, then place a wire and feed it through the vein until it gets close to your heart. Then they place a plastic tube over the wire, and pull the wire out. Because I was so dehydrated however the veins kept collapsing and they had to cut me over 7 times. Finally they got it in the right place, and the vein stayed inflated. It hurt a lot; my arm was in a lot of pain all weekend. The nurse came out on Saturday and showed me how to flush the line and give myself the fluids. The fluids run for 8 hours a day, on a pump, so I get enough of them throughout the day to meet my needs. I feel sooo much better getting the fluids, I don’t know how long I'll need them however I'm glad I am getting them. The baby will also be less at risk, and be healthier because it won’t suffer the consequences of me not getting enough fluids. Speaking of the baby, we will know what the sex is on the 7th of June, that's our next ultrasound.  Some of you asked that I put up some pictures of what my arm looks like, below I have some of the line in my arm, the bag, and the pump. Also Chris got a picture of me and what my belly looks like now, plus I have some pictures of Jonathan and daddy during his birthday. Enjoy everyone!
My Arm

The pump and the fluid bag

A cute picture of Jonathan

Daddy and Jonathan on Daddy's 28th Birthday

My Belly 17 weeks, it looks bigger than it does when I stand.. (dang gravity).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time goes by quickly

I can’t believe I've been pregnant for 100 days already. I swear my last pregnancy was a heck of a lot slower, I felt like it was an eternity from when I found out I was pregnant to this point.
Last time, at this point I had an abruption of my uterus, and the Navy not knowing what they were doing, couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Thankfully Jonathan went to term, but that was a very scary moment for us. I remember it was a Sunday, everything that ever went wrong with my pregnancy with him happened on a Sunday. My water even broke on a Sunday. Haha
This time has been uneventful, except for some issues with hydration, I've been doing great. It surprises me considering last time, anytime I blinked I ended up in the hospital. It’s nice not to have that happening as of right now. I've been feeling good mostly, some pain and cramps of stretching of my tummy, and really weird dreams while I sleep that make me wake up and wonder about myself.
My next doctor’s appointment is in two weeks, and then I get to schedule my ultrasound to find out what the sex is! We are so excited for this. The heartbeat keeps being over 160 which is typically an indicator of a girl; boy’s heartbeats are slower in the womb than a girl's. I'll defiantly be posting the images and letting you all know what it is, as soon as we do.
Chris is doing alright, unfourtunatly his sleeping disorder seems to be getting worse, as now he's falling asleep doing active activities. I never thought I would see the day when he falls asleep playing the computer or working out. We hope it’s not a downward progression; it’s possible it could be a phase, but only time will tell. It’s been awhile since he's seen the doctor, so we should be going to see him soon.
He's waiting on the college to give him his AA now; he finished his last class finally. It’s good he got that done, the GI bill will only carry him four years so it’s nice to be able to get a masters degree that way than just a bachelor’s degree. He's still working the same schedule at the same place; he is going to be trying to move to do a different job, if they have any openings.
Jonathan is doing well; he's starting to wonder why everyone we see in California we can’t go see all the time. I tried showing him a map and explaining to him how far away everyone is, but then he just cries. He likes you all very much and he would rather be there than here, I think we all feel that way. All he has to do is see an airplane and he starts asking about everyone and asking if we are going on an airplane. I think he'll be happier when I find him a preschool that meets for a few hours in the afternoon, but that's been challenging. Most of the ones here start before we could get him there, and end early. Since Chris works behind a secure area and we can’t share the car like we used to be able to, we are at the mercy of when he gets off work which is closer to 4 when it used to be closer to 2. Maybe if he gets a different job at a place that isn’t behind the secure area, we can start sharing the car again. (I hope, I miss being able to go out when he's at work)
We are getting new neighbors that probably will have at least two children because the house next door is a four bedroom. I hope they are friendly and maybe even have a kid that's Jonathan's age, then he could have some new playmates. We are all so ready to move home, all in God's perfect timing I know! We are happy here but there are things we can’t wait to have, like a yard again for Jonathan to be able to play in, and maybe even a swing set. It’s exciting to think of all the things God has in store from where we go from here. I know it won’t all be easy but I know He'll provide and one way or another we will be happy. As long as we are all together as a family, we are happy. Well that's all the update for now, hope to have more to share in a few weeks! Hope you’re all doing well.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jonathan's Responses

As of today, I was asking Jonathan what his favorite things were. When asked what his favorite TV show was, that was and easy one. "Mickey" he replied.
"What about your favorite color?" I had to ask this one a few times to get a response, after all he is three and easily distracted.
"Green" He finally managed.
"Do you know what Dada's favorite color is?"
"Blluuee" He said definitively. At this point we were all amazed, because Daddy favorite color was in fact blue.
"What about Mama's favorite color?" I asked hopefully.
"No mama's favorite color is purple". I told him
"Nooooo, Mama GREEN" Apparently I'm only allowed to like what he does, he tells me.
So we then moved on to the next question I had in line "whats your favorite movie?"
of course he said to no surprise to me "Cars!"
I had to throw him a curve ball and see how he would do with it at this point, he was just being too smart. "Ok, what is your favorite thing to eat?"
"Candy" He diligently replied.
"What type of Candy" I asked wondering if he really knew the answer for that one.
"Chocolate, please?" I think he ment it more as a question than an actual statement.
The conversation would have pursued, however we were out to eat, and dinner had just arrived at our table so we got distracted by food.
Just as I'm typing this, I thought, maybe I should ask him one more thing.
"Jonathan do you like going to bed?"
"Noo, I want to watch cars" lol..
"nighty night" I told him
"nighty nooo. Good morn'in mama"